Content Marketing and Comedy: How to Use Both

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Why did the marketer get off the trampoline?

Because he was worried about his bounce rate.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Maybe not the funniest joke you’ve heard, but we caught your attention, right? Incorporating comedy into your content can be a difficult thing. We all want our content to be memorable, but not for the wrong reasons. Being taken seriously as a brand is important, but having a little fun with your writing never hurts, either. So, how do you use both?

1. Find the balance

While you may be thinking, “Comedy isn’t right for my brand,” we’re thinking, “Wrong.” Everyone can use a little humor in their business to provide comedic relief. This doesn’t mean you need to create videos pranking people in the office or confuse your brand message that will make your customers question their trust in you. What it does mean is there will be a time and place for a joke to show your audience that you’re human. But remember: Humor is subjective. If your target audience is 55-year-old+ females, you don’t want to be making jokes geared toward 13-year-old girls. Find the balance, and you’ll be sure to find a laugh.

2. Align with your brand

Never use humor just to use it. Make sure there is a purpose and meaning behind what you’re saying. Humor is effective if it’s done appropriately. And one of the best ways for people to understand your humor is to align it with your brand. Figure out who you are trying to reach, and then figure out what type of humor would be most effective with that audience and your brand in mind. If you’re adding value to your brand, you’re marketing right.

3. Keep it simple

Have you ever heard a joke that could have been funny, but it was drawn out to the point where you didn’t even understand it anymore? When jokes have to be explained, they lose their effectiveness. Here is a rule of thumb to keep in mind: The simpler the joke, the more people who will understand it. If it’s funny, it should be obvious. Don’t make people think about what the joke is.

Humor can be difficult to tie into your strategy, but when it’s done correctly, it can be a powerful tool. You don’t have to be a standup comedian to make jokes, either. If you think something is funny and others may enjoy it, write it down. Then follow up by asking your coworkers what they think about the humor and find a way to work it into your plan.

What’s some comedic content marketing you’ve seen?

 Lauren Manecke, Branded Content & Social Media Strategist

 As the team’s social media strategist, Lauren manages, creates, and publishes content for a variety of clients in order to achieve their marketing goals. When Lauren isn’t scrolling through social media, you can find her at home binge watching documentaries on Netflix.

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