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Learn how marketers can hone their marketing skills from theSkimm

Emails: We all get them. Some we love, some we hate, and some we love to hate. But emails are crucial to marketing, and it’s how you communicate with your readers that will make your email be an easy click to subscribe.

One email that marketers should pay attention to is theSkimm.Founded in 2012 by two young women, it aims to “break down key topics, bring you interviews with the people you need to know, and make you smarter throughout your day on everything from tax policies to how to fold a fitting sheet. All delivered through the routines that make up your life.” Basically, it summarizes what’s going on and what you need to know. And, of course, it’s easy to skim.

Here’s 4 takeaways from theSkimm to enhance your email marketing:

Own your voice

theSkimm is one of the most conversational e-newsletters I’ve ever read. Which is why I don’t mind it showing up in my inbox each day. In fact, I look forward to it! Their voice matches the audience they are trying to reach. They add humor when needed and know how to spice up content that may otherwise seem dry.

Useful content

Each of theSkimm’s headlines make you want to read more as they leave you hanging with an ellipse. The headlines are followed by a few sentences which deliver just enough information to get you in the know, but not too much that you’re overwhelmed. Now that’s how you create useful content.

Be creative

theSkimm clearly has found their niche. They’ve created—and continued—a creativity that’s noticeable. From their branding to their word choice, they create content that makes you want to click. I find topics interesting that may make me grown otherwise.

Know your audience

We already know that our audience is everything, so knowing their likes and interests will be beneficial to your marketing plan. theSkimm’s main audience is female millennials, but they didn’t stop there with getting to know them. They found that their specific demographic wakes up and checks their phones first thing in the morning—including their email. To reach this demographic, they created quick content that would be sent to their inbox each morning as one of the first things they can—and should—read.

We may not all be able to achieve theSkimm level of email marketing, but we can certainty apply these 4 steps to get there. Learn more about content marketing by signing up for our monthly e-newsletter!

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