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Airbnb, the popular vacation rental company, launched a new print marketing effort in May: airbnbmag.

In a partnership with Hearst Magazines, airbnbmag features articles on its top search destinations and other data points Airbnb has collected. For example, when Airbnb noticed an uptick in searches for Porvoo, Finland, it featured the city in the first issue.

The magazine teams up with Airbnb hosts from every location it features to grasp the “location’s history, food and customs through the eyes of the people who live there,” its website states. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, the magazine launched with a guaranteed circulation of 350,000, 45 pages of advertising, and a $3.99 cover price. offers a taste of the articles you’ll read, but overall, it’s a print-only venture. You can also subscribe to six issues for $15 on the website.

Airbnbmag is a prime example of successful content marketing. Instead of trying to get its readers to buy Airbnb services, it offers tips and features places that offer its services. And then when airbnbmag convinces you to a book a trip, it’s more likely that you will use its service to stay there.

A magazine is a good platform for Airbnb’s content marketing strategy, aligning itself with other travel magazines that aren’t associated with a specific brand, such as Travel + Leisure, Sunset, and Food & Wine.

Even if adding a magazine to your strategy is not the best option for your brand, every company can benefit from content marketing in some form. Whether adding video, blog posts, social media, or other content pieces, building SEO and becoming a thought leader in your industry should be a consistent part of your plan.

Ashley SmithAshley Smith, Associate Editor & Content Strategist

As Lexicon’s content strategist, Ashley creates content for clients that educates customers and potential customers on a number of topics related to the client’s business. When she’s not at Lexicon, she’s either trying out new happy hours around the metro or cooking new recipes at home. 

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