How does content fit into marketing strategy?

Content Marketing

How does content fit into marketing strategy?

By Tom Scearce, Social Media and Content Specialist

You’ve got the videos, the copy, the pictures, and the people to work their magic. You’re all set to use great content for your marketing success, right?

Before you go about posting all this cool stuff you have at your fingertips, it’s important to understand exactly what content is and the role it plays in branding your company.

Content is simply the different elements that marketers use to tell stories. That is what marketing is essentially all about: telling persuasive stories.

But while it’s one thing to have content and use it to promote a brand or product, it’s another to provide useful content to your audiences. That is where content marketing comes in.

So, you’ve got the pieces of the marketing puzzle. How do you go about making them useful? Check out these tips:

Know your audience.

Identify your audiences and brainstorm the best ideas and platforms for their needs. Having this solid understanding of content creation and distribution is the backbone for success.

Publish fresh content

Your content calendar should plan for releasing new content at regular intervals. But if you’re just getting started, don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. It’s more important to create engaging, relevant content first.

Leverage your content.

Expand the reach of your brand messages by finding new ways to use existing content. Create a social post relating to a blog article. Use stills from a video as images in an email blast—or any organic extension of your content that makes sense. By presenting content of value in different channels, you’ll help your customers “connect the dots” and remember your story.

Content is an important part of the marketing puzzle. Use it to its fullest potential and it can tell your story and drive more customers to your business.

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