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Content Marketing

If you’re searching for a content marketer to add to your team, or if you’re looking for an agency to outsource work to, it’s important to know that content marketers aren’t simply content marketers. A strong content marker fulfills numerous roles and possesses many talents.

If Lexicon could build a content marketer from scratch, we’d combine the best qualities from these professions to create the ultimate content marketing “machine.”   

United States Census Taker:

Content marketers know the importance of digging deep into audience demographics. They understand that the more they know about their target audience, the easier it is to deliver information that’s relevant to readers’ personal or professional lives.


Its focus on consumer education sets content marketing apart from other marketing forms. A content marketer helps make readers’ lives easier by delivering valuable information they want — and need. If it’s a complicated topic, content marketers can break information down in a way their audience understands. 


Content marketers know how to weave interesting, entertaining stories that are brand-relevant and engaging. Content should be as fun to read for the consumer as it is functional for an organization. This is key in sparking a connection with readers and developing content they keep coming back for.

Publisher (and all of its working parts):

Content marketers have to think like publishers to deliver quality content consumers care about. Then they must keep content consistent while juggling it across various platforms and departments. To balance quality and consistency, content marketers also must be terrific writers, editors, and fact checkers. And it doesn’t hurt to have an eye for design, either.

Social Media Strategist:

Content marketers should know how to use SEO to make content searchable, and how to utilize social media to make it sharable. Creating searchable, sharable content is great for companies, clients, and customers. Not only can it increase reach, but it also makes content easier to find.


Content marketing should be just one element in an organization’s marketing lexicon. Content marketers should understand how to create content that complements other marketing forms so they can work together to cultivate leads and drive ROI.

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