Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Content Strategy

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Step-by-step guide to creating a content strategyLauren Manecke, Branded Content & Social Media Strategist

Content marketing strategy and content strategy must be the same thing, right? Wrong. And the difference between the two is more than the word “marketing.”

A content marketing strategy is the “why” to your marketing plan, whereas a content strategy goes beyond that and puts together every minor detail. So, as you can see, you need both. It’s like boiling noodles without the water—you can’t do it.

Through the development of a content strategy, you will be able to drive more traffic to your content. Below we’ve listed a step-by-step guide to creating your content strategy:

Know the Purpose of Your Content

Just like anything else, you will be more successful with your end result if you know what the goal is before you start creating content. Some questions to get you started are:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What is your content about?
  • How will your content be displayed?
  • What people will be involved with this process?

Understand Your Client

It’s difficult to develop a strategy for your clients without knowing about them. Take a look at the content they currently have. Determine the type of content you need to produce and the content you can keep from their previous plan (if they had one). A good place to start for creating content is to generate ideas based off their mission statement.

Write It Out

Outline the takeaways you want readers to get from the content, where your content will be sourced and ideas of content you can create. Take your ideas and detail how you will use that content to achieve the client’s goals and the audience’s needs.

List the People

You can’t create content if no one is producing or publishing it. List the people available to curate your content and you will develop a better understanding of how much content you can put out a week. Assign each person to a certain area of content to simplify the plan.

Create an Editorial Calendar

Take everything you’ve just done and start putting it into an editorial calendar. This includes your content, keywords, publishing times, CTAs and publishing platforms. By laying this out, you will be organized and prepared to take on your marketing objectives.

Your content strategy is the foundation to the content marketing strategy. What you plan out for your content strategy will lead into your full content marketing strategy. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get planning!

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