Why Luxury Brands Need Content Marketing

Content Marketing

By Abby Wolner

Luxury buyers expect more. They expect better quality, exclusive access, and elevated status.

Here’s where content marketing comes in. Content marketing can satisfy a luxury consumer’s demand for more, and it can connect with them in a way they’ll appreciate.

As a luxury brand, you’re selling a lifestyle. In order to convince customers to adopt the brand in every aspect of their lives, it’s important to reach them on every platform with rich, sensory content that complements your high-end status.

Content marketing is an experience. 

How your customer feels when she’s driving, wearing, or using your product is key in the luxury market. A positive experience could mean a lifelong customer. Likewise, custom content taps into consumers’ emotions and creates a lasting connection between brand, product, and buyer.

Dior does this right with its immersive videos. The short films, such as spring 2015’s Secret Garden IV featuring Rihanna, are glamorous, opulent, and full of intrigue. In other words, they display the pillars of the brand without an ounce of ad copy.

Content marketing can offer exclusivity. 

One appeal of a coveted product is that it isn’t available to everybody. Offering loyal customers priority access to custom content can reinforce the “members-only” feeling that surrounds luxury brands.

UrbanDaddy, a luxury men’s retailer, builds a VIP atmosphere with its email campaign. The emails are filled with witty writing and lux product recommendations, but they’re also a gateway to the site’s discounted designer goods. Customers open the email for the fun content, and they stay for the vintage Rolexes.

Content marketing is personal. 

Custom content focuses on the audience’s needs and desires. If you’re doing it right, the content will be tailored to a very specific customer. This approach provides the personalized service luxury-brand customers are accustomed to receiving.

Content can be beautiful. 

The word “content” may not drip with glamor, but it can comprise a glamorous product. Think thick, photo-filled magazines à la Porter magazine, Net-a-Porter’s high fashion subscription publication. The magazine isn’t a catalogue. It features articles, photo spreads, and celebrities and supermodels such as Marion Cotillard and Giselle Bündchen. It also happens to include clothing and accessories available on the website. Pairing stunning content with your luxury product is a great way to exceed the expectations of high-end customers.

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