3 Ways to Manage Time on Social Media

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Using social media can benefit your business: driving traffic to your website, building brand awareness, creating networking opportunities, and positioning your organization as an expert in its industry. But social media shouldn’t distract you from important duties at work.

Know when to pick up social media and put it down with three helpful time-management strategies.

1. Master one platform at a time.

Instead of trying to juggle multiple social media channels at once, focus your time on cultivating an active and engaging community on the social media platform your audience uses most before moving on to other platforms. These tips can help you decide which platforms to tackle.

2. Create a social media schedule.

Dedicate specific times throughout the day to posting content and engaging in conversation with your audience. Also consider scheduling your posts and tweets in advance. Take a few hours each month to create a content calendar, and use online tools such as HootSuite to schedule posts to publish automatically on a specified day and time.

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The Lexicon social media staff uses Trello as a platform to brainstorm, write, design, and organize social media posts.

3. Let content come to you.

Your social media strategy shouldn’t revolve around self-promotion. It’s important to share thoughtful and valuable information with your followers as well. Rather than seeking out information to share with your audience, save time by having relevant content delivered right to you. With Google Alerts you can receive a list of links in your inbox to sites mentioning a keyword of your choice. Or, subscribe to your favorite blogs to be notified when new content is posted.

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