7 Tips for Using #Hashtags Effectively

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The hashtag fits perfectly into a marketer’s toolbox: In just a few short words you can promote your brand, extend your reach, or start a trend. But are you using them properly? Here are a few tips to help enhance your hashtags:

1. Make it memorable:

Choose hashtags that will stick but aren’t too complicated. You want users to remember them and reuse them. Hashtags that have lasting power will be used again by followers and ultimately gain more visibility for your brand.

2. Target your audience:

Focusing your hashtag will allow your intended audience to find your products more easily. For example, if your product is targeted toward working moms, the tag “#SuperMom” could be effective.

3. Test it:

Test your potential hashtags with your social media platform or a search engine. This will help you select the most effective tag and avoid inserting yourself in the wrong conversation.

4. Practice moderation:

Use only one or two hashtags per post. Recent research has shown that you can achieve 21 percent more engagement with one or two tags than with three or more. In fact, more than two can drop your activity by 17 percent.

5. Follow style rules:

Never use a space—platforms will not recognize it as part of the hashtag.  When using more than one word, some users will apply “CamelCase” (capitalizing the first letter of each word). Example: Nike’s famous slogan would be #JustDoIt. CamelCase can improve legibility but is an optional style guideline.

6. Be consistent:

If you’re using a hashtag in conjunction with a campaign or product, it’s best to use the same tag each time. This consistency will allow users to gain familiarity with a tag.

7. Use multiple platforms:

Hashtags have expanded their capabilities beyond Twitter to several popular platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. Use tags on each of your platforms to improve reach and make content more recognizable.

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