How to Promote Your Blog

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Blogging can offer your company many benefits, but you have to gain readership to reap the rewards. Help your blog reach its potential by learning how to promote it.

Deliver Interesting Content

First and foremost, your blog must capture your audience’s attention. The key to gaining loyal readership is delivering engaging content. Always ask yourself how your post will meet readers’ needs, and look for a fresh angle when addressing a common topic. For added appeal, try using a variety of media—video, illustrations, infographics­—that will set your blog apart from the competition.

Share on Social Media

Post a link on all of your accounts to each new blog post. But don’t just ask people to click it. Instead, grab followers’ attention by teasing interesting bits and then provide the link to the full post. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your approach. A suggestion: Snap an interesting photo pertaining to your topic and post it with a link to your blog as a caption­—now that’s a teaser.

Link to Previous Posts

Keep old posts in the game by weaving links into your new content. This not only helps with SEO, but also gives readers a trail to follow. If each post you create links to another article—and each contains relevant, engaging content—readers can move seamlessly through your posts, seeing your expertise and forming a bond with your blog.

Create Connections

Create a list of leading blogs within your industry and connect with them. By regularly reading and commenting on other blogs you can begin to form a community with other blog owners and their readers. Within that community, you can share your blog address and link to a complementing post of your own.

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