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Tuesday’s post explained what search engine optimization (SEO) is. Now we’re offering pointers on how to use it. Perform better in search by writing for SEO. Catering to search-friendly words and formatting can boost your search rankings and better market your organization online.

Here are four basics:  

1. Get to the point.

Search engines typically assume words used first are the most relevant. Ask yourself: What’s the main point of my content and what might someone search to find that information? Use that as your title.  

2. Use the right words.

What keywords and phrases would someone use to search for content, products, and services related to your business? Tools like Google Trends can tell you what terms are popular for search. Use these keywords frequently, but naturally, in your copy.

3. Connect content.

Search engines assume that links lead to relevant content worth reading. Weaving in internal links to content already on your site can help boost your search rank and web traffic. 

4. Create compelling content.

Regularly updating your website with valuable content is important, but don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Create content your readers will want to read and share. Insightful content and external links can both improve search results.

What are some other suggestions for writing for SEO?

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