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A lack of content control, not an unfamiliarity with the medium, can make many organizations weary about creating online content. When an unsatisfied customer or client wants to spread a negative review, they can do it in front of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, or website viewers.

Be prepared in the event someone posts a negative comment about your organization online. Here are five tips for handling criticism and complaints:

Acknowledge it.

This is one problem that won’t go away, and choosing not to respond can be bad for business. The only comments that warrant deletion are spam and posts containing highly offensive or profane material.

Make a plan.

When developing your web marketing strategy, create guidelines for dealing with negative comments. Make sure your employees know whom to reach out to within the organization for guidance on specific topics and how to write each response. 

Act quickly.

Respond to comments in a reasonable time frame that doesn’t leave the writer waiting, but gives you time to carefully review the comment, investigate the complaint, and create a plan for how to handle it.

Stay positive.

Rather than taking a comment as an attack, view it as an opportunity to connect with a consumer and improve your customer service. You never know: A negative comment could turn into a positive review when handled in a friendly, professional manner.

Be personal.

Avoid generic, scripted responses to negative comments. Show your audience you care with custom replies catered to the individual and his or her complaint. Address the commenter with a sincere apology, try to answer the question or resolve the problem, and, if necessary, offer to continue the conversation on a private channel.

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