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Today’s post is short and sweet—which is appropriate, given the subject matter.

Using Twitter often can make your brand visible. Using Twitter right will establish your reputation as a valued and valuable participant in the social media landscape. Among many things, it can help you connect and communicate with your customers and your competition, as well as help you promote and position your organization as an expert in its industry.

Tippingpoint Labs’ 4-1-1 rule for Twitter can help you control and balance your Twitter content so that your tweets benefit your brand and your followers.

The rule is simple:

Tweet four times about interesting, original content from different sources. Then for every tweet promoting your organization, re-tweet one tweet your audience would find valuable. Here’s what we like about it: The 4-1-1 rule keeps your followers coming back for more of the information they value instead of driving them away with self-promotion.

Is your company using Twitter? How do you use it to engage followers and promote your brand?

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