10 Quick Tips for Coming Up with Custom Content

Editorial Content

Research from the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs proves it: One major problem content marketers face is coming up with content.

Are you having similar issues? Stop worrying. You’d be surprised how much there is to discuss when you think there’s nothing to say. All it takes is some creative brainstorming.

Ask your audience.

Post a question on Facebook or conduct an email survey for first-person insight into content your audience craves.

Contact customer service.

Speak with the people who talk directly to your customers to learn about complaints and inquiries they handle daily. Address these with content.

Immerse yourself in industry news.

Read blogs, trade publications, and other sources of brand-relevant news. You’ll find information you can offer commentary on.

Monitor online forums.

Be a silent, but strategic, observer. Address issues or questions you frequently see coming up in conversations online.

Check out competitor content.

Don’t steal their ideas. Rather, offer a different opinion, or develop a more effective and engaging way to address the topic.

Commission an outsider.

A guest blog post or newsletter column written by a thought leader or a satisfied customer can lend you credibility—and save you time.

Curate content.

Pull content from outside sources that support your goals or mission. Share these occasionally with readers. Of course, credit the work appropriately.  

Don’t write.

If you’re struggling to put a concept into words, find another way to communicate it. Create a chart, infographic, slideshow, video, or podcast.

Stop trying to be original.

Or witty. Or groundbreaking. Sometimes it’s best to simply go back to basics.  

Create a list of content ideas.

Sometimes ideas pour in; sometimes they don’t. Set aside a bank of ideas to revisit when your content goes dry. 

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