5 Quick Tips for Writing Successful Headlines

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Writing the headline is the most important part of writing an article. A great headline doesn’t guarantee a great article, but a well-written article that’s attached to an average headline has a lower chance of getting read. On average, 80 percent of people read a headline, but only 20 percent read the rest of the article, according to Copyblogger.

Ready for more people to read your content? Here are our tips for writing standout headlines.

1. Write your headline first.

Headlines are a promise to readers that clicking an article link will be worth their while. If you write the article first, you’re in the position of fulfilling a promise you haven’t yet made. Turn it around. The process becomes much easier and helps to keep your content organized and focused.

2. Consider the Four “U’s.”

Headlines should be useful, provide the reader with a sense of urgency, convey that the main benefit is unique, and do all of the above in an ultra-specific way.

3. Ask a question.

Headlines that ask a question directly involve your readers and encourage them to find out more. Don’t fool your readers with clever language. Make sure the question relates clearly to the major benefit of the article. 

4. Take your time.

Don’t expect a brilliant headline to come to you in minutes. Many copywriters follow the 50/50 rule, which means they spend half the time it takes to write an article focused on crafting the perfect headline.

5. Follow a formula.

If you’re still stuck on the headline, try fitting it into a common formula. (Example: Number or Trigger Word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise). 

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