5 Simple Strategies For Creating Content Readers Want

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The essence of content marketing is creating content that meets readers’ wants and needs. Knowing your audience is key to fulfilling that goal, but pinpointing their pain points can be tricky.  

Use these strategies to find out what’s important to your readers:

Track engagement.

Readers may indicate what information is significant to them by interacting with content you’ve already created. Which posts on your blog or social media accounts have gotten the most traffic and responses? Create content that revolves around these topics, but branch off with fresh angles.

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Consider past analytics (ours is available through our CMS) when brainstorming future content topics.

Give the competition a look.

What is your competition addressing? Build off their effective content, but improve upon it by adding your own spin. Also, look at what your competition isn’t providing. If your company can create content to fill those holes you’ll gain the advantage.

Listen to your readers.

Social media, forums, and blog comments can help you determine what readers are talking about and how they’re reacting. Use these conversations to springboard your custom content. For example, when net neutrality was struck down in January 2014, many readers were confused by the implications of the ruling. Lexicon responded by creating a blog post about it.

Find out what’s trending.

Conducting keyword research using tools such as Google Trends can help you discover what people are searching for on the web. Meet readers’ needs by formulating content around these popular search terms.

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Google Trends is an easy way to identify trending topics that could offer website traffic to your content.

Give surveys a try.

A well-constructed survey can provide valuable insight into your audience. Just be sure you understand the best practices for creating surveys. Factors such as length, delivery, and how you ask questions can affect a survey’s efficiency.

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