A Guide to Client and Customer Testimonials

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Providing customer testimonials is a tried-and-true method to prove the worth of your organization. A simple quote from a loyal customer or client can boost your credibility substantially, ultimately attracting potential clients. Learn how you can take advantage of this tactic and use customer testimonials to your benefit.

Obtaining Feedback

There are a variety of ways you can procure testimonials from your clients and customers, such as annual surveys, verbal interviews, and letters or emails of request. Be specific when inquiring about your organization, products, or services in order to target the testimonial. And don’t forget about social media. Browse your Facebook page, Twitter feed, LinkedIn profile, and other networking sites for customer compliments. You also could ask customers to post about your organization on review sites. Lastly, make sure you are interacting with consumers who have actually used your product or service and were pleased with it.

Using Testimonials

The first rule in customer testimonials: Don’t alter them. Occasionally it’s okay to edit the testimonial for grammar, spelling, or comprehension, but don’t let those edits change the meaning of the quote. You also can split one testimonial into several if the individual talks about several different aspects of your organization. Using concise, targeted quotes will be easier for others to read.

Here are a few places you can display testimonials:

  • Company website
  • Social media
  • Newsletters
  • Email signatures
  • Promotional products (i.e. mugs, shirts, stickers)
  • Business cards

Making it Legal

Most importantly, make sure you’re following the FTC Guidelines for using customer testimonials. Some legal issues you should be aware of include:

  • Getting customer permission
  • Making sure testimonials are truthful and not misleading
  • Noting possible bias due to a relationship between you and the consumer

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