Blogging: What to Do (And Not Do)

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Guest blogging and date stamps have been hot topics in the blogging world lately. Here’s our take on the issues, as well as additional dos and don’ts to follow when writing a company blog.

Do seek out professionals for guest blogging.

We say go for it — but tread lightly. Make sure you seek out respected professionals for your guest posts. Some guest bloggers may be looking for more hits on their own blog. While this is a benefit of guest posting, bloggers should make your audience a top priority and provide trustworthy content that’s important to your readers.

Do include date stamps.

Many feel that date stamps will scare away traffic as your posts begin to age. But as content marketers, our primary concern is providing reliable, useful information. Omitting date stamps could mislead readers when information becomes outdated. Take the middle ground: Update posts with time sensitive information regularly and use an “updated date stamp.”

Do keep a consistent posting schedule.

Consistency is an important trait in content marketing that can help cement your organization as a reliable, authoritative source. It also can help create loyal readers, as followers will know when to look for new posts, essentially making your blog a routine stop.

Do make blogging a team effort.

Get your staff involved in the blog, whether it’s by writing posts or providing valuable insight on certain topics based on their experience in the industry. Including everyone will engage your staff, help even out the workload, and provide readers with a variety of perspectives. Just be sure the blog maintains its overall tone so you don’t compromise your brand’s image.

Don’t plagiarize.

A no-brainer for writers, of course, but it’s still important to address. Remember: It’s OK to pick up content from other sources as long as you credit the source and provide your own insight or commentary.

Don’t be negative.

Negativity can scare followers away for good. Always strive to be informative and supportive. For example, instead of bashing websites with bad designs, write a post on tips for good web design.

Don’t skip the necessary steps.

A post should never leave your desk before being proofread, fact checked, and reviewed by another person. Your readers count on you to deliver high-quality, accurate information, so don’t let them down.

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