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Have you ever gotten to a point when you’re writing and you just…

That sentence is the perfect example of what my mind does far too often. It’s called writer’s block. Your mind goes blank or trails off and you just can’t get the ball rolling again.

Not only is writer’s block annoying, but it can set you back in your workday. While there are solutions to deal with the problem, there are also many causes of it, too. Some common causes of the dreaded writer’s block are timing, fear, and perfectionism. And although those are just a few reasons your brain may be stuck at a stop, they aren’t the only reasons.

So, what do we do to get the wheels turning again?

1. Skip the introduction

To be honest, this isn’t just a writer’s block tip. Skipping the introduction will allow you to write the meat of your content, and then go back to work out the details you want to highlight in the introduction. If your brain is at a halt, but you have ideas of what you want to write, start writing them down and see where it takes you. Once you get that down, then you can go back and form the thesis of your content.

2. Take a break

Not everything has to be done in one sitting. Sometimes something as simple as taking a quick walk or coming back to your content later will help to clear your mind. Try engaging in something creative while you’re away from your work to get the creative part of your brain flowing. And who knows, maybe you’ll think of something brilliant to add while on your break!

3. Unplug

Distractions are everywhere. Try eliminating the distractions you can control to stay focused. To start, we suggest turning off your phone and staying offline, unless you need the internet to research. Constantly doing other things while trying to create exceptional work doesn’t always pan out the best.

4. Brainstorm

When in doubt, brainstorm. Many great ideas start with a brainstorming session. Whether this be constructing an entire sentence to jotting down ideas, write down everything that comes to your mind. You may discover new points to include in your piece while doing this!

These are just a few ways to conquer writer’s block as everyone may have their own techniques. Does writer’s block slow down your workday? Contact us at Lexicon Content Marketing to help eliminate that issue and letting our writers do the work for you!

 Lauren Manecke, Branded Content & Social Media Strategist

 As the team’s social media strategist, Lauren manages, creates, and publishes content for a variety of clients in order to achieve their marketing goals. When Lauren isn’t scrolling through social media, you can find her at home binge watching documentaries on Netflix.

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