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Calls to action (CTA) are small but essential elements of content marketing that encourage audience members to engage with content and take action. They can entice your audience to read another blog post, open an email message, register for an event, or download a whitepaper. Sometimes they convince your audience to take the next step; Other times, they introduce consumers to new custom content.

Read these 10 tips for writing more effective CTAs. Then apply them to your own content marketing. 

Write it.

You can’t expect readers to engage in content without giving them a way to do so.

Write actionable, obvious copy.

Start your CTAs with specific steps you’d like your audience to take, such as “click” or “download.”

Explain the value.

Make it obvious to readers the benefits they will receive by answering a CTA. 

Back it up.

If possible, cite statistics that lend credibility to your company, your content, and your CTA. For example, if your newsletter has 100,000 subscribers, say so.

Create urgency.

Give your audience a reason to act immediately. If you want readers to sign up for a webinar, tell them there are a limited number of entries.

Keep copy short.

Avoid long calls to action that bury two of the most important details: What your audience should do, and why they should do it.

Take design into consideration.

CTAs should be visible and should command attention whether they’re printed on a page or posted online.

Don’t be misleading.

Make sure what you promise in your CTA is exactly what you deliver.

Give them what they need.

Give your audience the information they need to engage with content. If you want them to follow you on Facebook, include a link to your page. If you ask them to call you for more information, provide your phone number.

Be strategic.

Consider where your audience is in the buying process or what you need them to do most. Your CTA should ask readers to take the logical next step at the right time, and in the right place.

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