Lexicon CEO Catherine Staub Presented at National College Media Convention


Dr. Catherine Staub, Lexicon’s CEO, presented three different sessions at the Associated Collegiate Press/College Media Association (ACP/CMA) National College Media Convention in Dallas, Texas, this past weekend. This multiday convention was open to college students and advisers seeking advice and tips about student-produced media. Dr. Staub was one of several speakers at the event, including those from the Student Press Law Center, the Society of Professional Journalists, the Dallas Morning News, and many others. The convention covered all aspects of college media, while Dr. Staub specifically focused on these three topics:

Stopping the “Fake News” Cycle

Dr. Staub’s session on stopping “fake news” provided practical tips on how to stay out of the “fake news” trap. This session in particular was aimed at media consumers, journalists, and advocates, giving them strategies and tactics to ensure their work stays credible.

Career Refresh: Landing Your Dream “Magazine” Job with a Nonconsumer Title

Magazine careers don’t always fall under a magazine title. Dr. Staub educated the audience on how to expand a job search beyond traditional consumer titles. She provided options such as content marketing, business-to-business media, association publication, and city mags. Listeners were able to gain practical tips to prepare for a successful career.

Finding Your Niche: Developing a Magazine Brand that Sells

What goes into developing a magazine brand? This session was full of the back end logistics of a magazine. The audience learned that a successful magazine launch entails identifying a gap in the market, researching the audience, creating a business plan, and so much more.

To learn more about the ACP/CMA National College Media convention, visit its website.

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