Building Relationships With the Right Influencers

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Building Relationships With the Right Influencers

Last month we introduced you to influencer marketing. Today we’re taking the conversation a step further by discussing how to choose influencers that align with your brand.

Selecting the Right People

The key to a successful influencer marketing strategy is finding the right people to advocate your brand and your content. Blogs, social media, and keyword searches are great resources to help you begin your hunt. As you find potential influencers evaluate them according to the Pillars of Influence, which Brian Solis outlined in his 2012 report, The Rise of Digital Influence:

  • Relevance: The content they create should be relevant to your brand. Look through their blog and social media accounts to get a feel for their tone and expertise. Does it complement your brand?
  • Reach: Evaluate the audience they serve. Does it align with yours? A large following is a good sign, but it’s not the most important factor. Some influencers may have smaller audiences, but have locked down a niche you’re interested in.
  • Resonance: How does the audience engage with the influencer’s content? Consistent engagement means the influencer is stimulating conversations and inspiring followers to act — a valuable asset in marketing.

Fostering Productive Relationships

Building relationships with influencers should be a gradual process. Start by following their social media accounts and interacting with their content through shares and comments. Seeing your name frequently will get the influencer accustomed to your brand and can help you build a natural bond.

Once you establish that recognition, introduce yourself and your brand, and begin to interact on a more personal level. Start small: Ask for the person’s input or expertise for a blog post, and encourage them to share the final product. Over time your relationship will grow stronger and their support for your brand will become habitual. Just be sure to keep in contact — networking is an ongoing process.

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