How to Establish Your Tone of Voice – And Why It's Important

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How to establish your tone of voice

Lauren Manecke, Branded Content & Social Media Strategist

When you think of Coca-Cola, chances are you think of the holidays or sharing a coke with a friend.  These are both examples of their brand’s “voice”—the personality and happy sentiment that the brand evokes with its customers. Throughout the years, Coke has altered its image, but never changed its brand voice. The success of the Coke brand demonstrates why establishing, and keeping, a tone of voice is important.

Rely on these key components as you’re developing the brand voice for your own company:

Understand Your Niche

Know exactly what you are marketing and how you stand apart from your competitors. Make a list of everything that makes you unique and valuable to your customers.

Characterize Your Brand Voice in Three Words

Narrow your list to the best examples of your brand, then express those examples in just three words. For example, your company’s personality might be described as “innovative,” “playful,” and “engaging.” Describe what each word means to your brand and how it would make for a good fit as the brand’s voice

Know Your Businesses Values

Don’t create a voice just to “sound good.” When developing your tone of voice, make sure it is a reflection of what your company believes in and what it represents. By aligning your voice with your values, customers will be better able to make a connection with your product.

Put Your Voice to the Test

Using the words you selected earlier, start crafting your brand’s voice into your content. This will be what catches the attention of your current and new followers. If your company has a “casual” personality, for example, your messaging should be down-to-earth and not formal. Use your brand voice consistently across all your platforms: on your website, blog, job descriptions, social media, emails, etc.

Establishing your tone of voice will take you from being “just a brand” to a personable company. Every company has a voice, it’s how you market it that makes it stand out from the rest.

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