Should You Add Instagram to your Marketing Plan?

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By Tom Scearce, Social Media and Content Specialist

With more than 600 million active users and more than 80 million photos posted per day, Instagram has seen significant growth in the last seven years.

While it’s always important to remember which social media platforms are right for your audience, it’s also worth noting the steam the image-based platform has been picking up. We’re living in a world where visual aspects dominate any marketing strategy, and Instagram provides a great opportunity for brands to connect with their fans and tell their story in a visual way.

Thinking about adding Instagram to your marketing plan? We’ve got some tips for you to get started.


If your brand decides to hop on the Instagram bandwagon, you’ll need to go all in. This means posting regularly, building a community of followers, and interacting with other users. Instagram may be a lot about visuals, but engagement will determine a large part of your success.

Determine your goals.

This is an important step for any new marketing strategy—especially one that relies heavily on social media. Whether you’re posting to Instagram for the first time, or are a seasoned veteran looking to refresh your Insta-brand, it’s crucial to begin with clear goals in mind.

Some common goals might be:

  • Showcase products or services
  • Increase awareness
  • Share company news
  • Advertise to prospective customers

When choosing your goals, it’s important to ask yourself why you’re using Instagram, and how the platform will help you reach your goals.

Use #hashtags.

After the image, hashtags are the most important element of your post. While captions tell the main story behind your image, hashtags allow your post to be seen by those outside your sea of followers.

Try using popular hashtags that will have a high chance of being searched (#tbt, #love, #nofilter, or #igdaily are just a few examples!) You can also use less popular, yet highly relevant hashtags. These hashtags may drive fewer users to your posts, but the ones who do see them will be more targeted. They also will help define your brand.

Have a call to action.

Instagram may be a visual platform, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask your followers to act.

Drive visitors from Instagram to your website by inviting them to make a donation, check out your blog, visit other social platforms, or sign up to volunteer. While Instagram doesn’t allow you to put active links directly into your captions, you can put one in your bio—and direct followers to it in each post.

Is your brand on Instagram? What are your thoughts on Instagram marketing?

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