True or False: In-House Marketing is Free

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False. Content marketing may be a low-cost way of generating leads, but it always has a price. 

This is something business leaders know, but sometimes fail to consider when presented with the cost of outsourcing custom content. They see this sum as an additional expense, especially if they’re already paying an in-house marketing team. However, consider the amount you could pay to develop content marketing internally on top of other projects:

Compensating Employees

The cost of a full-time employee goes beyond a salary or hourly wage. Expenses also include employment taxes, benefits, and the dollars associated with giving employees access to the resources and technology they need to succeed.

Hiring Extra Staff

The expense of a new employee starts before their first day. You’ll need to devote time to writing job descriptions, posting to employment services, reviewing resumes, and contacting hopefuls—all before the first interview. And once you welcome more people, you’ll need additional equipment, time and expense to train new hires, and possibly, extra office space. 

Losing Work Time

Creating polished, professional content is a process. It requires time devoted to researching, writing, designing, editing, proofing, fact checking, and more. Remember: Time is money. While your team works on these jobs, they may neglect other work or fail to execute tasks to the best of their ability in order to meet deadlines. 

Avoiding Setbacks

For organizations new to content marketing, creating custom content is a learning process. There are bound to be setbacks along the way—and some of these can be costly. For any mistake your organization makes, you’ll foot the bill to fix it.

Missing Out on ROI

A measure of marketing’s success is how much revenue and how many leads it generates for an organization—either indirectly or directly. If your team is unfamiliar with how to maximize the success of content marketing, this could cost your organization money-making business.

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