When to Use Infographics

Marketing Strategy

Content marketing can take many forms: magazines, newsletters, websites, books, blogs, etc. But at the moment, infographics—the visual display of facts and statistics—are the big thing.

Before you join the trend, consider whether infographics have a place in your content marketing strategy. Here are situations that may warrant an infographic when you want to distribute information to your target audience.

When you want to stand out. 

It’s commonly said that humans process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. When your competitors are relying on words to tell their story, you can quickly grab readers’ attention—and their trust—with a well-researched, well-designed infographic.

When you want to spread information.

Which would you most likely share on Facebook: a scholarly report, or a fun, colorful, and engaging infographic that illustrates its findings? When people share your infographic, this can affect the visibility of your content and your brand. When someone shares an infographic and sources your company or links to your site, this can improve your SEO and your website’s traffic.

When you want to explain complex information.

It’s typically agreed that 60 percent of people are visual learners. Cater some of your content to them. Make information easier for your audience to understand—and more interesting for your audience to read—by breaking it down into simplified parts explained through images and attention-grabbing facts and statistics.

Check out our SlideShare presentation on infographics for helpful tips!

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