Is Web Design Affecting Your Business?

Web Design
Is Web Design Affecting Your Business?

According to the Major Purchase Shopper Study, 81 percent of consumers research products online before making a purchase. Whether or not they trust the information they find on the web has a lot to do with web design.


First, let’s define the chief purposes of your website:

  1. Your website should build trust with users, helping your organization form a valuable relationship with them and establishing your credibility. If your website feels credible, users are more likely to return. They’re also more likely to recommend you and entrust you with personal information, such as email addresses and credit card information.
  2. Your website should allow users to act quickly if they wish to. Your site should give them what they want, and fast.

Now consider how design helps or hinders these goals. If you want your website to work hard for your business, evaluate it based on these design criteria.


How your site looks can impact whether users trust your content, no matter how good that content is. Ninety-four percent of people blame design when asked why they don’t trust a certain site. Your site should look professional and current, and its visual message should match the content. For some inspiration, review this list of award-winning corporate websites.


Prospects come to your site to learn more. They are researching your product or service and considering a purchase; therefore, giving them the information they need quickly is essential. Simple navigation is key. According to Smashing Magazine, the more confusing your navigation, the more users are willing to leave your site. Site navigation should be as brief and direct as possible. It should contain the information users want — product or service and contact info, most likely. Keep the navigation menu in the top or left-hand side of your site to maintain established web conventions.

We put together an infographic to show you how web design really impacts your bottom line. Would you add anything to the list?

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