Hy! Magazine

Hy! Magazine



With 72,000 employees in eight states, Hy-Vee Inc. had a tall order: Improve the lives of employees, so they could then fulfill Hy-Vee’s brand promise of making lives easier, healthier, and happier. 


Lexicon developed Hy!—a quarterly magazine that strengthened company culture with helpful lifestyle tips and ideas. With a resource to make their own lives easy, healthy, and happy, Hy-Vee employees could bring that culture to customers. 

"Lexicon will treat your business like it is their business. They listen, seek understanding, and are always interested in feedback. They have a very collaborative work style that assures the client that their interest is Lexicon’s priority."

Christine Friesleben
Assistant Vice President, Communications
Hy-Vee Inc.
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